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The demand for professionals in the field of Business Informatics is constantly growing, especially in the fields of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse. The prospects for employing experts in this segment grow along with the increase of the popularity of business analytical systems.

Many Universities and schools noticed the demand for the specialists, therefore they have started or are planning to open studies in Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse, however they face the problem with the lack of methods and tools.

Thus, 4 partners (3 universities and 1 SME) from 3 countries (Poland, Bulgaria and Malta) are collaborating together on the DIMBI project with the aim of improving the quality of education through modernising the curricula in the field of Business Informatics and creating new innovative solutions in the area of teaching, to possibly be implemented at universities both domestically and abroad.

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Material base

The portal will include the material base (documents, manuals, tutorials, scenarios of the classes, interactive books, presentations) and tools (open source software) necessary to implement and realize the methodology of BI and DWH.


The portal will be created with CMS technology in a way that after completion of the project, there will be still the possibility for its further development.

Progressive usage

Passing an exam to earn real college credits.

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