‘DIMBI’ Partners Meeting in Mosta, Malta


Between the 7th and 8th of December 2016, in Mosta, Malta Paragon Europe hosted the fifth DIMBI project meeting. The transnational meeting was successfully attended by all the project partners.


Fourth Project Meeting and Intensive Study Programme, Varna, Bulgaria


In Varna, Bulgaria took place the Intensive Study Programme and the DIMBI Project meeting. The ISP on Business Informatics and Data Warehouse, started from Monday 16th until Friday 23rd September with students from the University of Economics - Varna, the Wroclaw University of Economics and the Uczelnia Jana Wyzykowskiego College attending the classes. On 19th and 20th September all partners of the project came together to discuss about the Intensive Study Programme, all the Intellectual outputs of the project and the DIMBI webpage and portal. Discussions were also focused on the Dissemination of the project and the upcoming Conferences.


Third Project Meeting in Wroclaw, Polnad


Between the 4th and 5th of July 2016, Paragon Europe attended the third partners meeting for the DIMBI Project in Wroclaw, Poland. The event was attended by all project partners. During the meeting, the partners discussed the scientific teams and the teaching materials and methodology of the Intensive Study Programme that will take place in Varna at the University of Economics. Discussions ensued about the Educational and Communication Portal and its characteristics. The new DIMBI website was presented and launched during this meeting. The meeting was closed with discussions about internal and administrative project arrangements and the definition of the next steps within the workplan.


Second Project Meeting in Polkowice, Poland


Between the 5th and 6th of May 2016 Jan Wyżykowski University in Polkowice held the Project Meeting during which each partner gave a summary of the activities within their country and discussions revolved around the Intellectual Outputs and the related tasks. The project’s dissemination plan was also discussed and discussions followed about the internal and administrative arrangements of the project and the final work plan.


DIMBI Project Kick-off Meeting in Varna, Bulgaria


On the 20th and 21st October 2015 University of Economics in Varna hosted the DIMBI kick-off meeting. During the meeting each partner presented themselves and their institutions and the project was introduced. Discussions followed about the internal and administrative arrangements of the project, and moved on to define and clarify the tasks and duties of each of the project partners.